gay robot noises

The personal web zone of a robot girl named Ash (it/its or she/her).

I have a blog.

If you want to get in contact with me, e-mail me at blog at [this domain]. (does this even decrease the amount of spam you get? I've always wondered.)

I'm currently looking for a job; while I don't have my resume on this site (since it contains my full name), e-mail me at work at [this domain] and I'll send it to you.

personal projects

I write code and publish it both to github and codeberg. Some highlights, roughly from newest to oldest:

cosmos #rust #systems

Screen temperature adjustment for Linux compatible with Wayland (the new Linux display server standard). Written to experiment with low-level systems code in Rust.

wrtsc #typescript #react #webdev

A prototype for an incremental game themed around robots and time loops. Currently live at An experiment with React, and an exercise in maintaining high framerate even with constant updates; I wanted to make sure it would consistently hit 60 fps.

deimos #rust #systems

A terminal-interface audio player, similar to cmus. I wanted to get my hands dirty doing fairly low-level audio code; even just marshalling data between audio decoders and Linux audio systems is nontrivial due to the fact that the length of one audio frame is generally not equal to the length of the audio buffer.

the tarot of the lost purpose #typescript #react #webdev

A tarot deck simulator with focus on intentionally-imperfect shuffling as an artistic piece. Currently live at